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Rudra for you

Different Mukhi Rudraksha have different effects on human. Read below to know about the description of theses Rudrakshas along with their properties and learn who should wear Rudraksha.

All the higher Mukhi Rudraksha are very Rare and costlier compared to other lower Mukhis. Extreme care is required to procure such beads so that fakes are not passed on. No. of 17, 18 and 19 Mukhis Rudraksha produced on yearly basis may be a dozen or so and 20, 21 may be two 2 or 3.( Sometimes in one season no beads are produced in nature).

Rudraksha Power Combinations

For purchasing highly energetic powerful Rudraksha beads e-mail us your query to ‘sales@rudrakshaheals.com’